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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lightweight Virtual Environment?

Each hosting account is container-based virtualization. is a virtualized, per-user file system that uniquely encapsulates each customer, preventing users from seeing each other and viewing sensitive information. Prevents a large number of attacks, including most privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks.

How could Business Email benefit me?

Give your business a professional image with Business email. Your email address will be branded with your company’s domain name (such as yourname@yourbrand.com). Additionally, you will have access to our advanced email technology for less latency and industry-leading uptime, reliability, and scalability. Cloud-hosted email also means that you don’t have to worry about IT, software, bandwidth, hardware, or additional costs. As your team grows, you simply extend your account as necessary.

Which email clients and protocols are supported by iOblak?

With Business Email you have the option to send and receive email via any desktop-based email client, including Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage 2004, Eudora, Windows Mail, and so on. Our helpful guide will demonstrate how to configure various email clients. iOblak email supports POP, IMAP, and MAPI email protocols.

How do I use my Webmail Interface?

To use your Webmail interface, simply use the white-labeled URL: https://yourdomainname.com/webmail, replacing ‘yourdomainname’ with your actual domain. You should then be directed to a login page. Use your email address and password to access the dashboard.

Can I access my email from a mobile phone?

Yes. You can access your email from any smartphone or tablet. Our optimized webmail is build using HTML5 and JavaScript to be compatible with all major operating systems including Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

How much space is included with each email account?

Each email account from iOblak includes 5GB of dedicated email space.

Which ports do I use for email hosting?

Typically, the port used for the outgoing mail server/SMTP service is 25. However, occasionally your ISP will block the use of port 25 for SMTP service. To avoid this, you can use the alternate port 587 for sending email.

Can I create mailing lists?

Yes, you have the option to create mailing lists, add/delete users, restrict, ban, and moderate within your email account. Learn more about your email capabilities by visiting our knowledgebase.

What is the iOblak spam policy?

iOblak has a zero-tolerance policy against the sending of unsolicited mail, spam, and bulk email. Additionally, safe lists, purchased lists, and selling email lists will be treated as spam. Any account sending spam will be terminated without notice.

Can I use autoresponders?

Yes, you may. Auto-responders are programs that send automatic replies to email once it is received. Learn more about creating autoresponders with our knowledgebase.